Affordable Rates

Affordable Rates

Aging does not have to mean relocating to a senior facility or assisted living facility. In fact, in-home care can be a great option for many that allows seniors to stay in their homes, and it is more affordable than most think.

Rates differ depending on the amount of hours and level of care we are contracted for. However, we do everything we can to keep cost down while still ensuring that your loved one has the best care possible.

When you have your initial consult with an Acti-Kare Team member we will work to figure out the most crucial times when care for your loved one is needed. For example, if your loved one suffers from dementia and seems to be more confused and anxious in the evenings we will tailor a care plan to ensure that a caregiver is present just in the evenings to provide medication reminders, prepare or help prepare a meals and get your loved one ready for bed.

Our caregivers will strive to accomplish as much as they possible while keeping your loved one comfortable and at ease in the amount of time provided. Also keep in mind that care plans can be altered. If you find that a different time during the day, more or less hours are needed we will alter care plans to serve you and your family best.

Furthermore, our in home consultations cost you nothing, inquiring about our services is free, so why not explore Acti-Kare as an in-home care option?

Our goal is for all seniors who need the one-on-one care to not only be able to afford the care but most importantly to have the best care possible with the finest home care team in the community, Acti-Kare!

***Acti-Kare home care rates start at $16.75/hr /hr ***

Acti-Kare understands that cost does matter as well as quality of care.  You can expect to save 15-25% when you choose Acti-Kare as your care provider of choice while receiving exceptional care that can be tailored to match our community’s needs. This is our recipe for delivering quality care for a reduced cost.