Dementia Care Specialists

Dementia Care

At Acti-Kare we are all too familiar with the disease that affects so many seniors, dementia. It is often very difficult and heartbreaking for families to see and cope with the decline of their loved one. Knowing how to best deal with each situation that arises can be tedious and exhausting. Know this, you are not alone. We are committed to serving and providing the best of care for your loved one.

For this very reason we developed a team of Dementia Care Specialist. These caregivers have extensive backgrounds in dementia and memory care. It is so much more than having someone there to ‘watch’ your loved one. You must have caregiver who understand the disease and can best adapt to each situation that arises using learned techniques.

Different individuals are affected by dementia differently and require their own personalized care and safety plans. This care plan will be developed from the start of care and modified as needed to best suit your loved ones needs. Care and safety plans are crucial in the care of dementia clients and are very important to each of our dementia care specialists.

Our Dementia Care Specialist Team commits to exercising patience with your loved one. To take time to learn and understand their behaviors while providing care. Our Caregivers will utilize redirecting techniques to ensure safety and keep anxiety to a minimum. Our caregivers will engage your loved in activities to keep their brain stimulated and their time as enjoyable as possible. Our caregivers will implement and maintain schedules for your loved one ensuring that they make appointments, eat regularly and encourage positive behaviors.

It is so important to us at Acti-Kare to provide the best of care. Whether you loved one is at home or in a facility- having the one-on-one care with one of our Dementia Care Specialist is the best choice you can make for your loved one.

We are committed to serving dementia care clients with compassion, dignity and respect.

At Acti-Kare we are… The Dementia Care Specialist!