Caring for a Parent from a Distance


Home Care in Hudson FL: Caring for a Parent from a Distance

The National Institute on Aging describes a long-distance caregiver as someone who “lives an hour or more away from a person who needs care.” In a world of increasing distance between family members, it’s not uncommon for a potential caregiver to live not just an hour away, but a state away or across the country. Fortunately, even with the distance that divides, there are ways you can care for your parent and support other family members and friends that may be in closer proximity.


The Computer Age

The computer age and the world-wide-web opened up doors and opportunities for those trying to pitch in from a distance. It not only has changed the face of business, it has changed the face of caregiving as well. Here are just a few of the possibilities that this new age has made possible.

  • Mail—If your loved one is no longer able to perform the daily tasks of living, this may be one of the areas of life that often gets overlooked. Bills and mail start piling up on the table and can go unopened for days or weeks. Have a family member collect the mail once a week and send it off to you where you can organize and take care of this important task. This includes paying the bills and answering any correspondence that requires attention.
  • Meals—Though you can’t be there to prepare them, you can still contribute in this area. Make the weekly menu and then provide a shopping list that accompanies it. This can then be shared with their primary family caregiver who can take it from there or assign it to the appropriate member of your parent’s caregiving team.
  • Socialize—This is an extremely important part of caregiving for a loved one that may be finding themselves alone more or unable to get out of the house as much as they use to. Consider setting up a time for daily phone calls or a weekly video chat. Seeing you across the miles can bring a smile and instill a sense of closeness.


Respite Care

If you are able, consider scheduling one weekend a month to visit and offer respite care to the primary family caregiver. If you are unable to, consider helping out in this area by providing the means for a home care provider to lend a hand and provide respite care. A home care provider can step in for your family caregiver for a day or two every week and provide them with the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. They are professionals, enabling your family to relax knowing that the care of your parent is in good hands. Many times, a home care provider and those they care for become the closest of companions.


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