Exercises to Help Your Senior Improve Their Balance

Balance is one of the most important physical attributes that your aging parent can have to support their ongoing health, safety, and well-being. This helps them to avoid falls, enables them to correct themselves if they do start to fall, and can even minimize injuries if they do fall. Balance also promotes greater mobility, which […]

With Seniors at Risk, It’s Useful to Know Something About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common term when referring to senior health. So what is glaucoma? The disease of glaucoma has to do with the situation when pressure is built up in the eye causing damage to the optic nerve.  This pressure often is caused by a block in the eye’s drainage system (called trabecular meshwork).  Because […]

Caring for a Parent from a Distance

The National Institute on Aging describes a long-distance caregiver as someone who “lives an hour or more away from a person who needs care.” In a world of increasing distance between family members, it’s not uncommon for a potential caregiver to live not just an hour away, but a state away or across the country. […]

Focusing on Safety for a Senior Loved One Is Good, but What About You?

Elder Care in Inverness FL You’ve been taking care of your husband for a long time. Maybe it’s been several months or even years. While you are both in your 70s or 80s, you took your vows seriously to honor and cherish him and support him, in sickness and in health. You’ve never thought twice […]

Does High Blood Pressure Have Any Symptoms?

Caregiver in Brooksville FL As a caregiver one of your most important priorities is helping your aging parent stay as healthy as possible, which means not only avoiding potential health complications and concerns, but also managing those that they do have in the best way possible. In many situations caregivers rely on the presence of […]

Caregiving Tips When the Elder has Diabetes

Senior Care in New Port Richey FL Diabetes is a common condition among older adults, but it is never easy to hear that your elderly parent has it. Learning how to care for someone with this condition takes careful planning and a discussion with their doctor to find out what the best way is to […]

How Home Care Can Help You Cope with Your Physical Limitations to Caring for Your Senior?

Home Care in Homosassa FL As a family caregiver you want to know that you are giving your elderly loved one the highest level of care, support, and encouragement to ensure that they are able to manage their challenges and needs and live the quality of life that they deserve. It is possible, however, that […]

Understanding Gambling Addiction in Older Adults

Elderly Care in Lecanto FL From bingo to slot machines, gambling is becoming a convenient outlet for older adults to spend their time and enjoy themselves. But how do you know if your parent is just having fun or if they have a gambling addiction? Even if you think your loved one is too smart […]

What Are Your Parent’s Post-Heart Surgery “Milestones”?

Elder Care in Homosassa FL Having heart surgery can be an extremely challenging experience in your elderly parent’s life. The thought of months of arduous recovery can be daunting and you might find that your aging parent is overwhelmed and discouraged even before they begin. Taking some time to create milestones for after their surgery […]

Warning Signs of Eye Disorders in the Elderly

Elderly Care in Hernando Beach FL Eyes change with age. After the age of forty, you may notice increasing difficulty when reading when letters become slightly blurry, the ability to differentiate shades of colors may prove challenging, night vision fades. These are all normal changes that occur with age. There are, however, several diseases that […]