With Seniors at Risk, It’s Useful to Know Something About Glaucoma


Senior Care in Weeki Wachee FL: With Seniors at Risk, It’s Useful to Know Something About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common term when referring to senior health. So what is glaucoma?

The disease of glaucoma has to do with the situation when pressure is built up in the eye causing damage to the optic nerve.  This pressure often is caused by a block in the eye’s drainage system (called trabecular meshwork).  Because the fluid can’t drain, it builds up the pressure in the eye; a process which is termed glaucoma.

When the optical nerve is damaged, it is usually a permanent condition.  This is why it is important to try and identify the situation before too much damaged has occurred. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of warning signs to help catch the condition early.  So this makes it even more important to have regular eye exams.

There are, however, some groups who are more susceptible to glaucoma.  These include people of increased age and especially people over the age of 60, having a family history of glaucoma, and being African-American.

While there are many variations of glaucoma, there are two types that are the majority:

  • Open-angle: the more common form (about 90%) and develops slowly, over time.   Catching this type during an eye exam is one way of finding it as there aren’t many other warning signs.
  • Closed-angle: less common; happens suddenly or quickly because a part of the eye (usually the iris) blocked the drainage area; requires immediate medical attention.  There are some signs which may indicated this version of glaucoma such as seeing rainbow-circles around lights, intense eye pain and a sudden loss of sight all together.

For seniors with glaucoma, there are some important points to keep in mind such as:

Related to prescription medications:

  • Make sure to share with medical and senior care personnel that you have glaucoma, especially if you will be getting new prescriptions.  Be sure your log of medications is up-to-date
  • Ask your medical professional what side effects glaucoma medications could have with existing medications
  • Contact your physician if you are having issues with your eyes including itching, cloudy vision, and blurriness
  • Is you are using eye drops for glaucoma medication, check with your doctor on the proper application which may include not touching the bottle tip to the eye and keeping the bottle tip clean

For other issue:

  • Use hypoallergenic cosmetics and moisturizers on your face
  • Lessen sodium intake
  • Avoid being around smoke (such as cigarette smoke)
  • Exercise though avoid strenuous workouts
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes (some medications have a side effect of itchy eyes)

A senior care professional may be able to direct you to someone who can give you more answers about this disease. Too, as previously noted, it is important for seniors to have regular eye exams especially to help detect this eye disease, hopefully before it becomes too serious.

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