Does High Blood Pressure Have Any Symptoms?

Caregiver in Brooksville FL As a caregiver one of your most important priorities is helping your aging parent stay as healthy as possible, which means not only avoiding potential health complications and concerns, but also managing those that they do have in the best way possible. In many situations caregivers rely on the presence of […]

Acti-Kare Client has a Unique Favorite Activity

Caregiver in Brooksville FL We received this photo from one of our Acti-Kare caregivers.  The caregiver and her client in Brooksville, FL go outside daily to feed the squirrels.  It is her client’s favorite activity! She shakes the bag and the squirrels come! They both laugh watching them come up, take the peanut and nibble […]

Family Caregiver Fun – Planning a Game Night

Caregiver in Brooksville FL Now that January is upon us and the hectic holidays are over, some family caregivers may be experiencing the “low” that can sometimes come after a time of great excitement, busyness, and even stress.  While it may be a relief to some family caregivers to know that the stressful holidays are […]